Duo creates digital solution for Kenya’s insurance ecosystem

The revolution around the digital economy is gradually gaining momentum in Kenya, and traditional business models are fast being relegated to the trash bin as more transformational solutions get designed.

Every sector is witnessing a seismic drift towards adoption of emerging technologies, with millennial customer preferences being the key driver of changing market demands.

In the insurance sector, brick and mortar mindsets of doing business are becoming obsolete, as clients look for more efficient, quicker and trustworthy means to obtain cover for various policies.


On this realisation, two Nairobi-based innovators, Ms Bente Krogmann and Mr Chris Osore, came up with the idea of a mobile app towards the end of 2019, with the ultimate goal of revolutionising customer experience and eliminating the voluminous paperwork in the insurance ecosystem, and reaching the underserved.

“Today everything is happening in a rush. With such agile live-patterns and Covid-19 living among us, we need the ability to carry on with our daily lives while still on the go,” Ms Krogmann, a 32-year-old techpreneur told the Nation.

Together, the business partners have concocted mTek, an app that allows users to select insurance services from various underwriters such as ICEA Lion, GA Insurance, Mua Insurance, Mayfair, Madison, Resolution and AAR.

“We more or less cover the whole general insurance scope from motor, personal accident, domestic, medical, evacuation, fire, international and local travel and school,” said Mr Osore. Read more

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